Toners can save you money!

Here is my tip and trick for the day!

Try a toner! If you are not already a user of toner check out my reasons why you should be.  If that is not enough here is one more reason;

Applying a toner to your face softens and moistens your skin preparing it for your serum and moisturizer.  While your skin is still damp from your toner apply half the amount of your serum or cream that you normally would use.  It is asorbed better and will easily spread across your face and neck.

Just think! Your expensive products will now last you twice as long 🙂

Remember, toners are one of the least expensive skin care products so try out a toner and see how much money you can save!

Happy Thursday 😉



Toners- Yay or Nay?

Welcome back to makeup mondays! This is technically a skin care post but I won’t tell if you don’t! In my skin care quest I have come across the ‘Great Debate’ of toners. Some people like them, and some people don’t. I my self have used, and not used toners. My skin is less than perfect. I am combination leaning towards the dry side and although I do not suffer from acne I do always seem to have some sort of break out on my face. Skin care to me is so important because it keeps my skin at its possible best!

So have toners made a difference in my skin? 100% yes! Toners to me are an integral part of my routine. They tip the balance of my skin in my favour, and lets face it -I need all the help I can get. I thought I would share with you three toners that have worked wonders for me and they all do different things!

Blue Green Algae Toner by Michael Todd- True Organics


This toner is antibacterial (without Alcohol) and helps prevent break outs.  It feels fresh and helps give your skin that extra clean feel.  If you have occasional breakouts and want to maintain a state of clear skin try this toner.  I may not use this every day, but depending on how my skin is I will use it less or more frequently.

Radiance Toner -Burt’s Bees

Burts bees

This toner is amazing!  Helps my skin to look bright and at its best!  Its a radiance toner so it will help with your overall complexion and hopefully brighten up your skin a bit.  I find I do get results with this toner and I always seem to look really healthy when I am using it.  Unfortunately, depending where you live, this may be harder to find.  Just click on my Radiance Toner link and you can purchase it online.

Concentrated Rose Water– Any brand you like


This is by far my favourite.  Concentrated rosewater is amazing for all sorts of things!  It cleans, moisturizes and restores your skins ph balance.  Check out these amazing benefits of concentrated rose water.  I got my bottle from my local drug store and mixed it with distilled water to make a toner.  I found a cute bottle from a thrift store and there you have it!  This toner does wonders for me in the winter months especially.  Follow the instructions on whatever bottle you have to see how much you need to dilute it with the distilled water.

There you have it folks-My three favourite toners! In my world of skin happiness I can not live with out my toning.  Let me know if you guys are for or against toners and if you have any you recommend!

Thanks for visiting and stay tuned for Top pick Tuesday coming tomorrow 😉