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Who, What, Wear Wednesday came and went! To try and salvage my missed wednesday post I thought I would share the link to my Style Pinterest board!  This is a great way to see what kinds of things I love and the styles I am most drawn to.

Like if you see any you love and please share your boards with me! I love me some pinterest 😉

Christine’s Style Love

Happy Pinning 🙂



Tom’s- Surprise, these shoes are really cute!

We all love Tom’s right? I mean who wouldn’t? You buy a shoe and they give a shoe!  They are comfy, cute and have tons of options! Here is the classic Tom that we have all come to love;BLACKWOVENDIAMONDWOMENCLASSIC-10004916-S-218x153_RetouchTom’s has come a long way since they first started creating shoes and today they are one of my favourite brands for cute shoes!  There are 3 styles I particularly love.  I currently own one style and let me tell you, these shoes are crazy comfy.  I can wear them all day at work (Bridal Boutique) with no issues at all.  They are cute and extremely durable.  I picked these three styles for you because I thought they covered all seasons and could be interchanged seasonly (except for the summer shoes of course).

There are 3 styles shown here with a few different colour options.  The Desert Wedge, the Desert Wedge High, and the new Majorca Peep Toe.  I love all the colour options they offer for each style.  I currently own the Desert Wedge in a Cheeta print.  I love that I can count on these shoes not only to be stylish and cute but also comfortable.  They range in price but be prepared to spend around a 100$.  Don’t forget that they are still toms and when you buy a pair, you also give a pair 🙂

Check out for all the styles and colours they have!

Let me know if you own any of these styles and what you think! I can’t wait to get my hands on those peep toes!!!!


Top Pick Tuesday and We Couldn’t Be More Pleased

It’s Top Pick Tuesday and I couldn’t be more excited about this week’s top pick.

This product and brand is a favorite of both Christine and mine. We both love it for the same reasons and we hope that you love it too!

The product: Dry Shampoo

I have alway had the type of hair that I had to wash every single day. This was something that I never loved but I got used to over the years. I was first introduced to dry shampoo on a camping trip. I love to camp but the “no shower factor” was always an issue for me. I would generally bring a baseball cap or hat of some sort to cover up and still look/feel presentable for day two. So one weekend I went camping with a group of friends armed with a hat for my second day look. Saturday morning one of the girls disappeared for a few minutes to change and get ready for the day. She emerged from the tent looking so fresh! She was holding this can and said, “hey does anyone want to use my dry shampoo”? I was flabbergasted! Dry shampoo? Sign me up! I played around with a few brands over the years, some cheap some expensive, and settled on one in particular-which was introduced to me by another friend!

The brand: Batiste


They have so many different options to choose from! You can pick one that smells nice, blends in with brown or blonde hair, helps nourish your hair, or gives you some extra volume. I’ve only used the original but I am very excited to try the rest.

It’s so easy to use too! You separate your hair into thirds by exposing your scalp, spray on the roots, let it sit for 1-2 minutes, and then brush your hair like normal.

This brand in particular stands out because it’s very affordable and really works! I have used other brands that are more expensive and have been less impressed. I have also noticed that the ones less expensive seem to wear off as your day goes on. With Batiste it lasts all day and I have even been tempted to go a third day. I haven’t tested my luck with this temptation, but just might have too if I find myself in a time crunch…or a Saturday where I don’t have to go anywhere.

The other big ah-ha about this product is that it can help you when styling your hair. I have a lot of thin and fine hair which means it doesn’t hold a curl for very long and it tends to lay very flat on my head…but dry shampoo helps with it! Spray it in your hair like my above directions illustrate and go about styling however you choose. It gives your hair more texture which increases its workability for up-dos or curls.

Like I said this is Christine and my favorite and we hope you love it as well!

❤ Jaclyn