Lumos Maxima

Happy Makeup Monday! One of my favorite days of the blog and now this post contains my favorite title! If you didn’t know Lumos Maxima is a spell from my favorite series of books, Harry Potter. The spell is used to create light…which is kind of what I am going to be writing about today! Ok, now that my inner geek has come out, let’s proceed to a “cooler” subject…a light catching makeup product called illuminator!

Illuminator is one of those products I always wanted to try but never really took the time to do it. That is until I saw that NYX carried it for $7.50 and I thought, “hey why not. I’ll try it and see what happens”. Well now, I’m totally sold!

I am going to give you my top 10 reasons you should wear an illuminator.

1)  If you want glowing and younger looking skin, it’s for you!

2) If you wear make up or don’t wear any makeup, it’s for you!

3) Think of it like a highlighter. You use a highlighter to emphasize a sentence or word in a paragraph right? Well illuminator does the same thing for your face!  It emphasizes eyes, brows, cheek bones, and so much more!

4) It comes in cream or powder. Both are easy to apply but are good for different complexions. Use the cream if you have dryer to more combination type skin, and powder if you have oily skin.

5) Illuminator comes in a pinky shade for those who have a fairer complexion as well as a gold tone for those who have olive or darker skin.

6) It can be found as cheap or as expensive as you want/need. Try a cheaper brand like NYX that will still get the job done. Then decide if you like it and go from there. I now have this one from Benefit and love it too! If you don’t like Benefit or NYX products; NARS, Clinque, Stila, Smashbox, Revlon, and so many more lines sell illuminators as well.

7) An illuminator is used to catch the sun, or any light for that matter, to create the illusion of a contoured face. It can be worn alone or partnered with a bronzer to get you the full contoured look…a.k.a. a femininely chiseled face. Kim Kardashian is famous for contouring her face. (don’t freak out if you follow this link…you don’t have to be this intense to use an illuminator) 

8) You can use it on your cheek bones to create the illusion of high cheek bones or emphasize the high cheek bones you already have; as well as using it on the middle of your nose to make your nose look slim and straight.

9) You can put it above and below your lips to give you fuller looking lips. Pair it with a pale lip color and BAMB baby you got it a nice, full, juicy looking lip!!

10) And lastly, you don’t need a lot of product to give your skin the pop it deserves!

Here is an awesome diagram of how to apply illuminator and what it does for your different areas.


If you are a little hesitant to dive in 100%, start small. Find a cheap illuminator and dab a little on your cheek bones. Start by wearing it only for special occasions and see how you like it. You can always start small and add in the future!

Comment with any other tips you have! And don’t forget to follow couragedearheartlife on Instagram to see me wearing my favorite Illuminator!

❤ Jaclyn


Eye Primer for the Win!

Fun on makeup monday

If you are anything like me than you feel and look the best first thing in the morning. I’m talking clean and styled hair and a fresh face of makeup. I get ready in the morning not because I have to (well maybe that’s a small part) but because I like too! There is something about having freshly styled hair and a new face of makeup that really gets me going. But, if I’m honest, halfway through the day I’m looking at myself in the mirror and wondering, “how did I lose it that fast?”. My hair is getting flat and my makeup is starting to look less ‘vibrant’.

Now we can talk about the hair issue in another blog post, but let’s tackle the makeup issue first. Specifically our eyes….they aaaarrreeee the window to the soul right?

To help with our eye makeup issue, I introduce to you eye primer. Now you may have heard of eye primer before but if not, here are a few details for you.

What is eye primer? It is makeup that you put on your eye lid before applying your eye shadow…think of it like foundation for your face.

What is the purpose of eye primer? It helps to prevent smudging and creasing of eye shadow on your lids, helps with the “staying power” of your eye shadow for all day wear, and increases the color and vibrancy of your eye color.

Now that we are all on the same page I’ll go on. I’m sure you’ve been in my position sometime in your life. You’ve worked hard on your eye makeup, you love the look, and a few hours later you go back and it’s either disappeared or is smudging on your face. This what I call a major boooooooo moment! But, have no fear friends, eye primer can help with this situation. I am going to present to you four products that I have used and really like. They all vary in price so choose what fits best with your budget.


Photo credit: ELF

E.L.F. eyelid primer comes in four different colors. I personally like the sheer option. This product is easy to apply, can be found at any Target, and it $1.00. One Christmas I got every single one of my girl friends this product as a gift I was so sold!

nyx eye primer

Photo credit: NYX products

NYX HD eye shadow base is honestly my current favorite. A little more expensive than the E.L.F. product but it seriously gives you a great all-day wear, is only $7.00, and one tube will truly last you a few months. I’ve been using mine everyday for 2 months and haven’t found the bottom yet. CVS drugstores and Targets sell NYX products.

two faced eye primer

Photo Credit: Too Faced

Too Faced shadow insurance can be found at any Sephora or Ulta. It is applied as a cream and promises to keep your eye shadow from creasing for 24 hours. I like this product because it is yellow in color and really just intensifies your eye shadow as opposed to altering/intensifying it in color or shine. This product is priced around $20.00.

chanel eye primer

Photo Credit: Chanel

Chanel Professional eyeshadow base is seriously phenomenal…but would you expect anything different from Chanel? I am giving this to you as an option because not everyone is on a makeup budget like myself. My mother uses this product and every time I’m over at her house and can do my eye makeup I take the opportunity to do it! And every time, without fail, I get a compliment on my eye makeup. This product is $32.00 and does everything it promises i.e. intensifies color, gives you an all day wear, and prevents creasing and smudging for 24+ hours. Seriously I’ve gone to bed without washing it off (sshhhh don’t tell Christine) and I wake up the next day thinking, “hmmm, I kinda look good”.

Ok, there they are. My four favorite eye primers to use. No matter your budget I promise you won’t be disappointed if you try one! Happy priming!!

❤ Jaclyn

Burning Red

Introducing Tip’s n’ Tricks Thursday. Where Christine, or I, share our favorite tips and tricks (duh). We may reference  fashion, DIY projects, recipes, relationships, makeup, subjects you request to hear about or can answer any questions you have! Happy reading!

I have to say, I LOVE a bold red lip. Any excuse I have to wear one, I do. It just does something to me that puts a little pep in my step. But I have found that a lot of girls stay away from wearing a red lip because it tends to “bleed” or “feather” onto their face. This put me on a search for “how too” and “best practices” for wearing a bold red lip. I tested and here is what I have found to work the best!

1) Moisturize. Ladies I can not express enough the importance of having a smooth and moist lip! It helps with application and keeps your color from seeping into the dry cracks of your lips.

2) Powder the edge of your lips. This small and very simple step keeps the lip color from “bleeding” or “feathering” onto your face.

3) Line your lip. This is not a necessary step, but I promise it will help you keep the color within the natural line of your lips while you apply your desired shade of lipstick. It will also help with reapplication! My favorite liner to use is an E.L.F. lipstick . This product can be found at Target or Walgreen’s and is super cheap. Let’s be honest, I’m on a budget and need a super cheap but super great liner.

4) Apply your lipstick. No further instructions needed here. 😉 I love wearing a matte color for the day, and applying a gloss on top to make it a night look. My favorite red color is this NYX soft matte lip cream. I love the shade, how it applies, and how easily it turns from a day into night look.

5) Have FUN. This is the best and most important step. Have fun experimenting with colors and products that fit you! Here is my perfect red lip. Show us yours! jacredlip

As a bonus hear is what ELLE magazine has to say about the history of the red lipstick. ALSO, we can’t have a post on red lips without paying homage to the fantastic ladies who made it so fierce.

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