Makeup Monday- The “No” Makeup Look

Welcome back to Makeup Monday!  This past weekend I had my one day off, which was sunday.  I planned to basically do house work (because my house is under construction) in order to get it back to a “normal state”.  Because I had worked all week I felt like I needed to put a little extra energy into my appearance (lets face it- it was so my boyfriend would enjoy looking at me for the entire day 😉 ) .  I proceeded to do my hair- that nicely tousled wave look- and also my makeup.  Seeing as I was getting ready for house work I wanted to have a NO-makeup look.  You know that look that says “hey, I have beautiful skin… Im glowing from the inside and I didn’t even try” ? Ya.  I wanted that.  As i was doing this ‘no-makeup’ look I realized it took about as much time and effort as my ‘yes-makeup’ looks.  So in the attempt to look like I am not wearing any makeup, I used about as much makeup as any other day!  But hey, what wouldn’t you do for a fresh glowing face?

Here is a step-by-step guide as to how I achieved this look along with my favourite products! I hope you enjoy!

1– Start of with a clean fresh face.  I can not stress the important of this step.  If you have not exfoliated, than do a light exfoliation and make sure your skin is clean and ready.

2- Moisturize!  Use your normal day time cream.  One product I find essential to this look is my Origins Ginzing refreshing eye cream:

or_0GGM01_240I love this product and find it important because it has light reflecting technology and helps you look awake and refreshed.  It helps to moisturize your under eye are and wears great under any makeup.

3- Next is primer.  This is also important because we want our skin to look its best.  So whatever your skin ‘issues’ are you can address them in this step.  I use two primers:


I use the Smashbox Photo Finish primer  to smooth out my fine lines and fill in my pores and I use my Loreal Magic lumi to help give me that glow.

4-  BB cream.  This is a perfect product for a no-makeup look because it helps even out your skin without covering it like some full coverage foundations.  My ultimate favourite is”          s8790_product_thumbThis also helps illuminate your skin and boy oh boy is it amazing!  You can use this product totally on its own (without a primer) and it works great.

5- Conceal.  If you are like me, and your skin is less than perfect, than this is the time to cover those problem areas up.  I use concealer on any breakouts I have, my under eyes (for my dark circles) and around and on my nose (to cover redness).  My current favourite is:


This Maybelline Fit me concealer is, in my opinion, the best at the drugstore! It covers what I need without looking like concealer.  You can’t go wrong especially when you are paying less than 10$.  For covering redness try a colour that matches your skin tone. For your under eye area get a shade lighter to help brighten things up.

6- Blush or Bronzer.  This is a very adaptable step.  You can use a blush if you like that look or a bronzer to warm up your face. I used a Tarte Amazonian clay bronzer in the colour Park ave Princess:


7- Curl your eyelashes!  This is important to help your eyes look big and awake!  Apply your favorite mascara to give your eyes some definition.  The one I like is also another drugstore product by Maybelline:


This Pumped Up! Colossal Volum’express mascara is great for volume and gives my eyelashes a little oomph!

9- Add some brows.  You can skip this step if your brows are perfectly manicured or if you are Lily Allen.  To spruce up my brows I use Benefits GimmeBrow in light/medium:


8- Throw on a lip gloss.  And by throw I mean apply.  One gloss I love is a line found at Walmart created by Flower Beauty Cosmetics:


This is one of their lip glosses in the colour Lovely Lotus.  These lip glosses are really nice for a drugstore gloss.  They last and feel amazing on your lips. They are not sticky and have a sheer coverage.  I would recommend trying these in your preferred colour.

There we have it everyone! If you can believe it this easy, breezy look does take some time and more than a few products.  There are a ton of ways you can adapt this to suit your own needs and level of “no-makeup” look.  I will add my before and after picture below (kind of scary).  Please let me know what products you love for your “clean the house” look 🙂

Love you all!



                             – Before (obviously)-           -After (using my sexy house cleaning glare)-

Photo Credits; 1) 2) 3) 4) 5) 6) 7) 8) ME! 9) ME