Having a moment: Lips

Marsala, which was a huge color for fall and winter, is hear to stay for spring!! Yay!! I love when items can be versatile and used in different seasons!

As we shared in another post there are several “it” colors for spring. But, thee marsala we grew to know and love in the winter has been toned down a bit for spring. This isn’t really surprising if you think about it, right? All spring colors are a little softer…think Easter eggs!

This morning I had a revelation. While some clothing and makeup items that we purchased for winter need to stay in our winter wardrobe, others can be tweaked and transitioned into spring. This revelation leads me to my makeup Monday post…the perfect spring lip!

Two lip shades that were popular for fall and winter were the burgundy lip and the pale lip. Both trends were awesome and I enjoyed them at different times and places. Chances are you have a lip gloss, chap stick, or lip stick in both colors still laying around. While it’s fun to wear different color lipsticks, it’s hard to go through an entire container of one color. And when you have so many half used containers lying around, who wants to purchase another one just because it’s in for spring.  SO, why not combine two colors you already have and use them to create the “it” lip shade for spring…a toned down marsala…or what we can also call plum.

I applied a light coat of my burgundy lip stick and then put my pale shade on top and rubbed them together…voila! I had a new fun color that I didn’t have to go and purchase! I felt creative, resourceful, and economic AND accomplished that all on a Monday morning! Woohoo!

Here are the two colors on my hand. The top is my pale shade, the bottom is my burgundy shade, and the middle are the two mixed together.

plum hand

And here I am wearing the two…I am in love.

plum lips

Excuse the lighting. It was taken on my phone and it was pretty early. But hopefully you get the point!

Now this is good news for people who have both lip shades already. If you don’t have them, run out to your closest CVS and grab an NYX lip shade in plum. I don’t think you can ever go wrong with them! Or, as Christine wrote about in a previous post, Essence is a great brand to try new shades in as well!

For those readers who don’t care about the “it” color for spring, use this method and create a whole new shade just for you. Take two different colors, combine them together and show us what you got!!

❤ Jaclyn


Makeup Monday- lets talk lips!!

Welcome back to Makeup Monday!!! I’m so excited for this day because, let’s face it, makeup is an obsession of mine! For a little personal side note my house in under construction and yes, I’m still living in it! I am currently in my painting clothes writing this post so forgive me if this is not to long. 😉

If you are a makeup junkie like me you probably follow a lot of makeup artist’s blogs, YouTube and Instagram accounts. Instagram is my jam, so that’s where I get most of my makeup fix. Lately you may have seen or heard a lot about Anastasia Beverly Hill’s liquid lipstick and Gerard’s lipstick and lip gloss. Both of these products look amaze-balls on, very high in pigment and offer a lot of amazing colours to choose from. Basically they are everything and more you want in a tube of lipstick. Or are they…?

So here is the deal. I am a normal girl with 2 part time jobs living my life. I also happen to like a wide variety of lip colours. So, are these products that range from $20-$30 a color a good option for me to purchase on a routine basis (not counting Christmas and birthdays)? Probably not. Sadly I can’t afford to buy all the colours I want and still afford to eat. Will I purchase my most loved shade when I have some extra cash? Yes! But for my everyday experimental needs, I have to go with something a little more affordable. Thankfully I happened to have worked at a drugstore cosmetic counter (for you Americans think Sephora and Ulta) for a year; and guess what I found??? Essence! You may have heard of this brand….possibly even tried one thing?! In my opinion, out of everything they have to offer, I think their lip products are the best! Why? Because they are cute and less than $2 a piece! Yup! You will not blow your budget and heck after looking at their website, you may even want the whole colour line? If so, go for it!!!! I will say this. This lip line is good for trying out new colours, for everyday use or for a trip to the mall for an hour. They are, by no means, high quality or long lasting. But they are still great for your everyday average lipstick wear. They add a bit of shine, moisture and BAM! For pennies you have a cute natural lip. So, if you are itching for some makeup to play with go grab a few of these products, a glass of wine and a big mirror. Have fun and feel good that you didn’t blow your rent money on glossy lips.

My current favorite colours are 09- Wear Berries (part of their new matt lipstick range) and 53- All About Cupcake (part of their original lipstick line). For reference, I enjoy these formulas almost as much as Revlon but for a fraction of the cost 🙂 Hope this sparks some lipstick excitement in each and everyone! -love Chris 2015/01/img_0044.jpg Left: All about cupcake, Right: Wear Berries