Aaaannnnnd We. Are. Back!

Have you missed us? Because we have sure missed you! But have no fear! We, are, BACK and so excited to share some new things with you!

Tune in Monday for our Makeup Monday post. Until then, I leave you with this.




F.R.I.E.N.D.S friday

It’s Friday!! And with it comes fun posts! 🙂

So I’ve been traveling all week for work. I actually went to an educational conference located at the beach. Here are my two favorite pictures of the week. Have I mentioned I love the beach, cold weather, and pictures. This is kind of my happy place.


So, the conference was fun, I learned a lot, and had the chance to network; but I was very ready to come home and be alone for a night. I kept thinking about sitting on my couch with a glass of wine watching a few episodes of FRIENDS and the last episode of Parenthood. This desire got me thinking, what are my favorite episodes and scenes of my most adored show on earth? You know the one’s where you can watch 1,000 times and still think it’s so funny?!

As my fun friday post I give to you, in no particular order, my favorites scenes. What are your favorites?!





IMG_8402          IMG_8403






A surprise that will last a lifetime…

Fun Friday! Where every post will be about something different! No plans, no themes. We may even have a guest blogger or two. Enjoy!

Adam Levine. Enough said right? I think the day he got married was the day (if you listened very closely) you could hear every single lady around the world crying. We just love him! He’s cute, has a killer voice, and super nice; as seen on The Voice. But this video quite possibly makes me love him more. What would you do if he crashed your wedding or a wedding you were a part of? I would probably act just like every single person in this video does. A little confused at first, then angry, then total shock, and then.. EXTREME happiness. Whoever thought of this video concept is a genius! Bravo Maroon 5, Braaaaavoooooo.

My favorite thing is the fact that almost every bride recognizes him instantly but it takes the groom just a bit longer.  What’s your favorite part?!

Maroon 5 -Sugar music video

maroon5– Jaclyn

Thank you for the picture of these cuties