Madison Tech Bag! 

Hi all! It’s fashion Wednesday and I thought I would give a quick review on my new bag by Stella & dot.  If you missed my last post on this great accessory company check it out here.

Stella & dot has some great jewellery but they also have great bags! I decided to go with the Madison Tech bag; IMG_0478

I LOVE this bag.  Yes its meant for all my tech gadgets like laptops and iPads, but I never actually carry those things around so I use it for an everyday bag.  This bag is pretty large (think brief case) and has side zipper panels that can make it even bigger!  Its extremely durable and structured which in my opinion makes it great for easily grabbing things like your wallet.  Its made of textured vegan leather material (YAAY)!! It’s interior is even made of spill resistant material which makes it great for all those beauty lovers like me (for when our lipstick lids fall off it can be easily cleaned).   It has shorter handles that are attached to the bag but also come with a long adjustable strap.  Its sells on the website for 168$ which can seem a little pricey at first but its a fraction of the price compared to some designer bags!

Over all this is a fabulous every day bag!  Great for carrying around your laptop or giant makeup bag.  So far mine is pretty clean (just got it two days ago) but I am working on filling it up 😉 100 more lipsticks, hand creams and tweezers to go!

Let me know what you think about this bag if you have one.  Also, there is another cute colour available called Poppy! Great for the spring and summer 🙂 Both the colours available are shown below (Poppy and Black/Cream (found on

Hope everyone has a fabolous wednesday! Let me know what bags you are loving right now 🙂



Tom’s- Surprise, these shoes are really cute!

We all love Tom’s right? I mean who wouldn’t? You buy a shoe and they give a shoe!  They are comfy, cute and have tons of options! Here is the classic Tom that we have all come to love;BLACKWOVENDIAMONDWOMENCLASSIC-10004916-S-218x153_RetouchTom’s has come a long way since they first started creating shoes and today they are one of my favourite brands for cute shoes!  There are 3 styles I particularly love.  I currently own one style and let me tell you, these shoes are crazy comfy.  I can wear them all day at work (Bridal Boutique) with no issues at all.  They are cute and extremely durable.  I picked these three styles for you because I thought they covered all seasons and could be interchanged seasonly (except for the summer shoes of course).

There are 3 styles shown here with a few different colour options.  The Desert Wedge, the Desert Wedge High, and the new Majorca Peep Toe.  I love all the colour options they offer for each style.  I currently own the Desert Wedge in a Cheeta print.  I love that I can count on these shoes not only to be stylish and cute but also comfortable.  They range in price but be prepared to spend around a 100$.  Don’t forget that they are still toms and when you buy a pair, you also give a pair 🙂

Check out for all the styles and colours they have!

Let me know if you own any of these styles and what you think! I can’t wait to get my hands on those peep toes!!!!