Toners can save you money!

Here is my tip and trick for the day!

Try a toner! If you are not already a user of toner check out my reasons why you should be.  If that is not enough here is one more reason;

Applying a toner to your face softens and moistens your skin preparing it for your serum and moisturizer.  While your skin is still damp from your toner apply half the amount of your serum or cream that you normally would use.  It is asorbed better and will easily spread across your face and neck.

Just think! Your expensive products will now last you twice as long 🙂

Remember, toners are one of the least expensive skin care products so try out a toner and see how much money you can save!

Happy Thursday 😉



White Hot Nails!

Spring is almost here and we get to say goodbye to dry winter hands! What better way to shake off the winter blues than getting a fresh manicure!  of course there are a ton of colours and trends out there to choose from but here is one you may not have thought about;


…And no, I don’t mean grab a bottle of white out (that was only allowed in grade six)!

Most likely it won’t just be called white, it could be “Arctic White” or “Blizzard” but lets face it… they are all white.  Maybe you think there is no way you are putting this on your hands but take a look at my Nail Love pinterest page and it might change your mind.  This colour (or absence of colour) looks amazing on all skin tones! It pops and gives your nails a classy look while still feeling fresh and young!

Give it a try on your next manicure visit!  If you don’t think its for your hands maybe try it on your toes and fall in love with this amazing look!

Love you all!