MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation Review

Hi loves! Just wanted to give a quick review on the MAC Studio Face and Body Foundation.  MW3C53

I have wanted to try this foundation for a LONG time and finally I decided to purchase it.  First and foremost this foundation is NOT a full coverage.  Honestly for the longest time I thought it was! I am not totally sure why, maybe because I know this is a favoured foundation for a lot of makeup artist’s and I just a assumed that it would cover everything!  This foundation is actually a sheer to medium coverage.  More importantly this foundation is water based, water and transfer resistant.

I can only describe this product as like dying your skin, almost like putting a stain on wood.  There is no buildup or texture to the foundation when it is on your skin.  For those of us that want a foundation to even out our skin tone, cover minor blemishes and give us a radiant sheer finish this is the foundation for us! I love it because it looks like my skin, feels like my skin but hides all those things I don’t want to be seen.  For the areas I like to cover more I will just build a little extra product onto and also use my concealer.  This foundation if wonderful for an everyday makeup look and will be perfect in the summer months! Think BB Cream but BETTER!

This is the perfect time of year to try out this product! Don’t forget its face and body so you can bring it down onto your neck and chest to even out any areas and maybe even those hated tan lines 🙂

Let me know what you guys think about this foundation!



The Skimm

the skimm

Have you ever seen that FRIENDS episode? You know the one where Joey decides to buy one encyclopedia because he is tired of his friends having conversations that he doesn’t know anything about? He can’t afford the entire set so he buys just the V book. So now he is up to date on subjects like the Vietnam War, violins, and Van Gogh but knows nothing else. I find this episode (season 4, episode 3) so funny because I can relate! This is how I generally am when talking about current events.

Growing up I didn’t watch the news, mainly because I didn’t care. Gasp! Imagine a kid/self centered teenager caring about anything other than her curfew or allowance….it’s hard to imagine! Then as I got older, I started to care, but every time I watched the news I was depressed…so I stopped. Which brings me back to identifying with Joey in FRIENDS. At work, with friends, or in other situations when the topic of current events came up I seemed to always be asking, “now what are you talking about” or “when did that happen”? To which I always got a look that says, “I can’t believe you don’t know…”. So instead of informing myself I stopped asking questions.

I find it hard to believe that I am the only person in this position or with these feelings…which is why I wanted to introduce to The Skimm as my top pick Tuesday post! My sister sent me a random text one morning that said this, “subscribe to The Skimm”. Nothing else just those 4 words. I took her up on it and have been hooked ever since.

The Skimm was started by two girls who have a passion for current events, breaking news and telling people about them both. In their own words, “theSkimm is the daily e-mail newsletter that gives you everything you need to start your day. We do the reading for you – across subject lines and party lines – and break it down with fresh editorial content”. All you have to do is subscribe and they will start emailing you every day to keep you in the know. It’s amazingly entertaining yet informative, they have funny and catchy headlines, and frequently make references to the best show ever…FRIENDS…all while telling you about current events.

I walked into work the other day and a coworker made a joke about Hilary Clinton’s emails and I laughed…like for real laughed because I understood. That to me sealed the deal. I’m a skimmer forever.

You may be reading this thinking, “I already watch the news I don’t need to subscribe to this newsletter”; but I encourage you to still subscribe! It really is great and something I look forward to reading every morning. Try it and let us know what you think!

❤ Jaclyn

White Hot Nails!

Spring is almost here and we get to say goodbye to dry winter hands! What better way to shake off the winter blues than getting a fresh manicure!  of course there are a ton of colours and trends out there to choose from but here is one you may not have thought about;


…And no, I don’t mean grab a bottle of white out (that was only allowed in grade six)!

Most likely it won’t just be called white, it could be “Arctic White” or “Blizzard” but lets face it… they are all white.  Maybe you think there is no way you are putting this on your hands but take a look at my Nail Love pinterest page and it might change your mind.  This colour (or absence of colour) looks amazing on all skin tones! It pops and gives your nails a classy look while still feeling fresh and young!

Give it a try on your next manicure visit!  If you don’t think its for your hands maybe try it on your toes and fall in love with this amazing look!

Love you all!


Courage dear heart LIFE!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

Before I continue with my top pick of the week let me ask…Are you aware that an entire new set of EMOJIS are coming out?! Yes it’s true!! Forbes reported that if you have an iPhone, the 8.3 update will bring them to your keyboard. Now we just wait! Oh don’t fret, there WILL be a middle finger emoticon. 🙂

Ok, now on to my top pick of the week…

Its US! Courage, Dear Heart (shameless plug I know)

We have joined the world of Instagram and are totally thrilled! Follow us! If you do, we will follow you! That’s a great deal, right? You know you want one more follower. 😉

Our handle is Courage Dear Heart Life. This will be a great way for us to show you our top picks, how to wear that new eyeshadow, lipstick, powder, or face cream we feature. We can capture hair or clothing styles, and so much more!

Follow us! You won’t regret it!! You’ll see pics like


IMG_1116 IMG_1134 IMG_1284 IMG_3256 IMG_3357

Ok, not all like these since we live in two different countries. But they will be good and they will be fun!! Just try us.

❤ Jaclyn

My Top Pick! Purity by Philosophy

I have talked about face cleansers before, because lets get real… they are important and I am obsessed.  I use a few different cleansers on a daily basis and since I have already shared my pick for a balm-to-oil cleanser I thought I would share another 🙂

I started using this cleanser because of a recommendation made by my favourite makeup artist Jaclyn Hill.  If you have no idea who she is than you need to! Check out her youtube channel and join the club…she is amaze-balls.  Anyways she recommended this product;s407304-main-hero-300I know this cleanser has a lot of hype but I wanted to give a personal review.  I love this cleanser by Philosophy for a few reasons!

A) It cleans all my makeup off with out drying my skin and does not irritate or cause break outs.

B)I have combination skin leaning on the dry side and this cleanser helps keep my skin balanced and clear.

C) It leaves my skin soft and hydrated (say goodbye to tight skin).

It is so important to me to have a good cleanser that I can trust and actually enjoy using.  I wouldn’t want to be with out this cleanser even though I may not use it every single day.  Its now a staple in my skin care routine and I encourage everyone to try it!

Let me know if you have tried this cleanser and what you think!



The Oscars

The Oscars…such a classy event. But what else would we expect from an event whose consolation prizes are worth more than $100,000? An award would be nice, but so would diamond jewelry, a free vacation, and a bike delivered to my house.

Seriously though, I was watching all the Hollywood stars in their ball gowns looking so amazing and as I was sitting on my couch (in my pajamas) I felt like I needed to have some sort of dress on…or at least a glass of champage. Champagne makes any event classy, am I right?  But I had neither. I guess there’s always next year!

As my top pick Tuesday post I wanted to give a shout out to all the beautiful dresses and the two tuxes I just LOVED. Let’s acknowledge these women who spent all day getting ready and all week being hungry just to look good in a dress. I also want to acknowledge these two men for being incredibly good looking and more than likely taking less than an hour to get ready.

bradleyoscar goldoscar oprahoscar oscaroscar red peachoscar redoscar2 reeseoscar suitoscar

❤ Jaclyn

Top Pick Tuesday and We Couldn’t Be More Pleased

It’s Top Pick Tuesday and I couldn’t be more excited about this week’s top pick.

This product and brand is a favorite of both Christine and mine. We both love it for the same reasons and we hope that you love it too!

The product: Dry Shampoo

I have alway had the type of hair that I had to wash every single day. This was something that I never loved but I got used to over the years. I was first introduced to dry shampoo on a camping trip. I love to camp but the “no shower factor” was always an issue for me. I would generally bring a baseball cap or hat of some sort to cover up and still look/feel presentable for day two. So one weekend I went camping with a group of friends armed with a hat for my second day look. Saturday morning one of the girls disappeared for a few minutes to change and get ready for the day. She emerged from the tent looking so fresh! She was holding this can and said, “hey does anyone want to use my dry shampoo”? I was flabbergasted! Dry shampoo? Sign me up! I played around with a few brands over the years, some cheap some expensive, and settled on one in particular-which was introduced to me by another friend!

The brand: Batiste


They have so many different options to choose from! You can pick one that smells nice, blends in with brown or blonde hair, helps nourish your hair, or gives you some extra volume. I’ve only used the original but I am very excited to try the rest.

It’s so easy to use too! You separate your hair into thirds by exposing your scalp, spray on the roots, let it sit for 1-2 minutes, and then brush your hair like normal.

This brand in particular stands out because it’s very affordable and really works! I have used other brands that are more expensive and have been less impressed. I have also noticed that the ones less expensive seem to wear off as your day goes on. With Batiste it lasts all day and I have even been tempted to go a third day. I haven’t tested my luck with this temptation, but just might have too if I find myself in a time crunch…or a Saturday where I don’t have to go anywhere.

The other big ah-ha about this product is that it can help you when styling your hair. I have a lot of thin and fine hair which means it doesn’t hold a curl for very long and it tends to lay very flat on my head…but dry shampoo helps with it! Spray it in your hair like my above directions illustrate and go about styling however you choose. It gives your hair more texture which increases its workability for up-dos or curls.

Like I said this is Christine and my favorite and we hope you love it as well!

❤ Jaclyn