Aaaannnnnd We. Are. Back!

Have you missed us? Because we have sure missed you! But have no fear! We, are, BACK and so excited to share some new things with you!

Tune in Monday for our Makeup Monday post. Until then, I leave you with this.





I found this quote recently and thought it was amazing! I don’t know about you but I have certain weekends where I don’t plan anything but to relax. I don’t feel guilty but rather feel SO good about doing nothing. 🙂


So as the weekend officially begins, maybe take Saturday morning and plan to relax. Make yourself a delicious breakfast, run yourself a bath, read that book you’ve been meaning to start or finish, and watch some netflix (I personally recommend The Mindy Project).

❤ Jaclyn

White and Gold or Black and Blue?

Just kidding!!! I’m not going to post anything about that stupid ugly dress. If you’re wondering what I’m referring to, click here to find out.

What I am going to post, is a picture quote that has been pretty relevant for me this week. What I know about myself is this. I am a feeler, and I am pretty impulsive with my feelings. I found this on Pinterest the other day and it has really put some perspective in my life. I hope you impulsive feelers benefit from it as well!


My Two Favorite J’s.

It’s Fun Friday which means I get to write about anything I want. And what I want to write about and introduce you all to are my two loves: Justin Timberlake and Jimmy Fallon. Seriously I just love them, minor obsessed with them. They are brilliant, talented, funny, and entertaining. They are both great on their own but when they get together they are on another level.

This past Sunday was the 40th anniversary of Saturday Night Live and they had a special three hour show on Sunday. Guess who opened the show?!? My two favorite J’s!! In my opinion they did an awesome job. If you love SNL, Jimmy and Justin, laughing, and going down memory lane, you’ll love this video. If you love the SNL video and want more Justin and Jimmy check out the next one for their  “History of Rap-Part 4”. And yes part 4 means there are 3 more out there!

F.R.I.E.N.D.S friday

It’s Friday!! And with it comes fun posts! 🙂

So I’ve been traveling all week for work. I actually went to an educational conference located at the beach. Here are my two favorite pictures of the week. Have I mentioned I love the beach, cold weather, and pictures. This is kind of my happy place.


So, the conference was fun, I learned a lot, and had the chance to network; but I was very ready to come home and be alone for a night. I kept thinking about sitting on my couch with a glass of wine watching a few episodes of FRIENDS and the last episode of Parenthood. This desire got me thinking, what are my favorite episodes and scenes of my most adored show on earth? You know the one’s where you can watch 1,000 times and still think it’s so funny?!

As my fun friday post I give to you, in no particular order, my favorites scenes. What are your favorites?!





IMG_8402          IMG_8403






Filmtastic Friday!

-Welcome to Friday! As promised we have a guest blogger! Whoop! Whoop! Thank you so much Troy for joining us, and if you all like what he has to write please show him some love and don’t forget to follow us for more of Troy!!- 

Hello out there Blog World, I’m this weeks Fun Friday guest blogger! Let me tell you a little bit about myself to kick us off. My name is Troy Juby, & I’m 22 years old, I own my own restaurant in my hometown, I have 3 beautiful golden retrievers & a lovely man to call my own 🙂 I love attending concerts and looking for the next BIG thrill like my little adventure skydiving last summer. Deeper than that, I love scripts, cinema, acting and fully submersing myself in the world of film. So what better to blog about then MOOOOOVIES!

I’m sure you’ve all heard about this little thing called the Academy Awards coming up February 22nd! In the spirit of awards season I’ve decided to review 3 films that have been nominated for their stunning leading ladies. Honestly if any one of these three ladies won I would be very happy!

Film #1: Still Alice

My Rating: 7/10 Julianne Moore’s Performance 10/10 *Top Pick for Best Actress*

Still Alice

This film is a very realistic, emotional story of a woman living with early onset Alzheimer’s. Julianne Moore successfully shows: anger, struggle, pain, isolation & confusion in her incredibly believable performance. This film is very well written, it’s raw and honest; with her interactions amongst family. I was even able to look past K-Stew in this film. Scenes in this movie had me in tears. I recommend you watch this film; if the movie doesn’t blow you away Moore’s performance will.

Film #2: Wild

My Rating: 7.5/10 Reese Witherspoon’s Performance: 9/10 *3rd Pick for Best Actress*


In this film, you will see a young woman’s fight to get herself back into the woman that her mother raised to her be. She chooses to go on an over 1000 mile hike along the Pacific Crest Trail. The premise had me bored at the thought but execution was amazing. The merging of flashbacks and Reese’s performance really pulled this movie along smoothly. I cried, I laughed and I was captivated from start to finish. I definitely recommend this film to anyone it’s very empowering.

Film #3: Gone Girl

My Rating: 9.5/10 Rosamund’s Performance 9.5/10 *2nd Pick for Best Actress*

Gone Girl Rosamund

With a character as complex as Amazing Amy herself Rosamund’s Performance brought to life a crazy, mysterious character from the book. This movie finds you on the hunt for Ben Affleck’s characters missing wife. Soon the city starts to turn on him because he’s not behaving how people think he should in the media. Did he kill his wife? Watch and find out. This movie was one of my favourites of the year and it’s still enjoyable watching it again and again. Rosamund will captivate and hook you along from the first line she speaks.

Others Nominated in Best Actress Category:

Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything) & Marion Cotillard (Two Days, One Night)

Other Great Noteworthy Performances:

Jennifer Anniston (Cake) & Essie Davis (The Babadook)

That’s all i’ve got for you today folks, I hope you enjoyed my Filmtastic Friday Blog. Please leave your comments, thoughts & predictions below, and maybe just maybe you’ll hear from me again.


A surprise that will last a lifetime…

Fun Friday! Where every post will be about something different! No plans, no themes. We may even have a guest blogger or two. Enjoy!

Adam Levine. Enough said right? I think the day he got married was the day (if you listened very closely) you could hear every single lady around the world crying. We just love him! He’s cute, has a killer voice, and super nice; as seen on The Voice. But this video quite possibly makes me love him more. What would you do if he crashed your wedding or a wedding you were a part of? I would probably act just like every single person in this video does. A little confused at first, then angry, then total shock, and then.. EXTREME happiness. Whoever thought of this video concept is a genius! Bravo Maroon 5, Braaaaavoooooo.

My favorite thing is the fact that almost every bride recognizes him instantly but it takes the groom just a bit longer.  What’s your favorite part?!

Maroon 5 -Sugar music video

maroon5– Jaclyn

Thank you for the picture of these cuties