The power of “the blaze”

Hi, my name is Jaclyn Pinkham and I have a confession. I am OBSESSED with blazers.

My obsession started years ago on my 26th birthday when I bought a black blazer to
wear with my birthday outfit. The purchase was primarily out of necessity. My birthday is in November so it is COLD. I knew I would be walking around outside, in and out of different places and did not want to wear a winter coat. I wanted something that would be cute but also keep me warm so I bought a blazer. Little did I know that that wouldn’t be the end of it. I paired my new “find” with a cute little top, a pair of black skinny jeans, some ballet flats, and bam, I had my favorite birthday outfit.


Since then my obsession has continued to grow. Today I have around 12 blazers of all different colors and patterns.

So you ask yourself:

Why are blazers so wonderful?: For starters they are very versatile. Meaning that you can wear them with different outfits for different occasions. I introduced my friend Melissa to the power of blazers and her direct quote is this, “blazers have transformed my wardrobe“. You can wear them to work, out on the town, or for a fun day with your friends.

For example the black blazer I bought for my birthday I later wore to work paired with black slacks and another more professional top.

Here are great pictures for a ‘professional look’.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA     red blazer   black blazer

Now obviously these blazers are different colors and have different sleeves than my black blazer; but they serve as great examples of what I’m referring to as a more ‘professional look’.

**Helpful tip- if you are going for the most versatile blazer, one you can wear on many different occasions and with many different looks, buy one that hits you mid-hip and has long sleeves. You can ALWAYS roll or push the sleeves up if you choose too. This is helpful to me because, well, I’m on a budget so I have to get the most bang for my buck.

Here are great examples of ways to use blazers for a “night out on the town” look:

nightlook1 nightlook3 night look 3

And examples of a “casual/day” look:

daylook2 daylook3 daylook4

Where should I start?: My recommendation is to start with neutral and solid colors. Black, brown, white, grey, or navy blue. Once you find those start venturing out with red, pink, green, mint, yellow…seriously the options are endless. Then when you get more adventurous begin buying patterns or ones with different textures i.e. linen/leather/suede.

What style should I be looking for?: To get the most bang for your buck get a blazer that hits you mid-hip and has full length sleeves. I always go for a single button (so NO double vested) more structured look. Basically one that has a shape. If your blazer has structure and shape it gives your body structure and shape. 🙂 Notice in all the pictures above the blazers curve in a little around the waist and the shoulders are a little pointy. Not 80’s shoulder pad pointy but a nice straight line at the top of the shoulder.

**side note: they do make peplum and puffy shoulder pad blazers…stay clear of those for starters.

Where should I begin looking?  ALL of my blazers have been purchased for a very great price. The black blazer I bought was found at Sears. Yes, that’s correct. Sears. I also have found others at Target, J.C. Pennies, T.J. Maxx, and thrift stores! Buying them for a good deal helps you ease into the blazer world, figure out what you like the most, and move on from there.

Alright, that’s it! I hope you enjoy my obsession as much as I do! Share your tips in the comments!

❤ Jaclyn


The Real Girl on Fire-Lupita Nyong’o



Welcome to Who, What, Wear Wednesdays!

If Hollywood was the Hunger Games, than Lupita Nyong’o is the Girl on Fire.  2014 was an epic year for her and she showed up to every single major Award show looking beyond beautiful.  More impressively, in 2015, she is still on top of her fashion game.  I mean- blow your fashion mind!!!  There is nothing more I can say other than show you.   Is it just me, or does every dress get better and better??  I can NOT WAIT to see her 2015 Academy Award dress.  If at the end of it all, she does a twirl and busts out giant wings… I won’t be surprised.

Here is Lupita Nyong’o, our Hollywood Champion.

2014 Golden Globes


Credit: Jeff Vespa/

 2014 SAG Awards

Photo; Matt Sayles/Invision/AP

2014 Academy Awards

Photo; Steve Granitz:Wireimage 

Photo; Steve Granitz:Wire image

2015 Golden Globes


Jason Merritt/Getty Images

2015 SAG Awards


Photo; Stefanie Keenan/WireImag

Thanks for visiting us! Hope everyone is having an amazing Wednesday! Let us know what you think of Lupita’s style in the comments. xoxo


Stella & Dot

FullSizeRenderAs promised today’s Who, What, Wear is about Stella & Dot. To tell everyone the truth, I am not really a jewellery girl. Its not that I don’t like it or even love it. I just have not found my jewellery niche…until now. If you don’t know what Stella & Dot is, its an accessory line sold by independent stylists. And let me tell you, it is CUTE! Like I mean, really cute. They have a wide variety of accessories from chunky statement pieces to sleek simple items. Anyone looking to find their ‘Jewellery style’ is going to delight in the fact that Stella & Dot has it all. Even more exciting, you can shop from the comfort of your home! No running around to different stores looking for something cute to match your new outfit- Its all in a perfectly beautiful magazine (also known as a catalogue). I love this because I can take my time to really look at what items I want. If you don’t have a catalogue from an independent stylist than check out their website here (and no, I do not sell Stella & Dot, I just like it this much). So here is where you guys come in.  I need help deciding what to pick!  I have settled on the Sutton necklace which is a gorgeous necklace that you can wear 5 different ways (another reason why Stella & Dot is amaze-balls).  They have five different options;

These necklaces can be worn short, long, and also broken apart to wear single parts.  If it was not already heard enough to pick which necklace to choose now I have to choose a colour scheme!  These retail from 138$ to 188$ (Canadian Dollars).  At first it seemed like a lot of money, but when I think if I can wear this necklace 5 different ways, than it is 28$ per necklace which is totally affordable!  I honestly can’t get enough of this brand and am so happy I found it! Leave comments below and tell me which necklace you think I should pick, and what you guys think about Stella & Dot!  Have a wonderful Wednesday and get accessorizing 🙂 -Love Chris
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Golden Globe Fashion-Silver wins!

Welcome to Who, What, Wear Wednesdays!  If you didn’t already know, the only “who, what, wear” I could even consider to write about is of course the Golden Globes!  Because Wednesdays will be dedicated to fashion in some respect I wanted to just talk about the DRESSES worn! Who doesn’t want to talk about that??

This year the fashion at the Golden globes was bang on in my opinion.  If you were anyone than you were either wearing, red, white, blue ( so basically the colour of America) or my favourite, silver.  In an ironic twist, the winners of fashion this year were not adorned in gold, but rocked out the silver.  Yay for metallic colours!!!  These are my favourites for the golden globes;

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards Kate Beckinsale in an Elie Saab dress proves why she is beyond gorgeous!  Holy smokes!  She looks Amaze-balls.  I love her accessories and of course her black nail polish! Way to go Kate! 72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsReese Witherspoon looked like her classic self wearing this dress from Calvin Klein.  What I love about her is that she is truly classic.  You can always expect a great dress from Reese and of course her classic hair and makeup allows you to recognize her from a mile away. 461357938_10

I’m not sure that I could say anymore about this dress than has already been said about Jennifer Lopez in this Zuhair Murad dress. Paired with a classic smoky eye this is exactly what we all love to see on Jennifer. If I could wear this dress around my house I am pretty sure my floors would shine as much as this dress, so its lucky she has a red carpet to walk on 😉

Julianne MooreLOVE THIS!! I have always loved Julianne Moore but I love her even more when she is wearing this Givenchy Haute Couture gown! She is more than one winner, but the most important win (in this blog post at least) is her amazing look.  Congrats Julianne!! WE ALL LOVE YOU!!! (right??)

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - ArrivalsDiane Kruger pulled this Emilia Wickstead Dress off perfectly!  A little more structured and should we say “conservative” than some of the other dresses (cough-Lopez-cough-cough) but amazing all the same!  The sparkle in this dress blows me away!  She kept it simple with the makeup and just enough sparkle with her accessories.  Perfection!

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals Dakota! Girl lets Talk!  Dakota Johnson, in my opinion, pulls of the perfect “sexy-goodgirl look” wearing this Chanel gown.  Her 50 shades of Grey ( which basically look silver) looks amazing on her!  Also love her easy flowing hair and clean makeup.

461359098_10 This is one of my favs! Emma Stone is wearing a Lanvin jumpsuit!! WHAT??? Of course she is going to rock out in this jump suit.  She basically does everything well.  Some might say a bit causal for the Golden Globes? But me wearing my sweatpants to the movies is a bit “causal” so I am all for this look! 🙂

72nd Annual Golden Globe Awards - Arrivals Ok, Ok…. So this gown by Versace worn by Amy Adams is not technically silver, but its on the verge so I am including it!  And thank goodness I did! She looks stunning!! Like stun-gun stunning!  On top of that, her face and hair are even more stunning!!!!!  Are we all stunned yet??

 So now that my top picks are out of the way, lets get real.  Most of us (including me) are regular girls that don’t have a team or stylist to put us together for the red carpet… and thats if we even HAD a red carpet!  So by no means am I putting these ladies up on some kind of pedestal so we can try to emulate them in our regular lives.  All I am really saying is “hey, they look nice, love the silver… maybe I should wear some silver??”.  So if all we get out of this blog post is that silver might be a good option for a dress up night with our girlfriends, boyfriends or husbands? than I have done my job for the night 😉  Thanks for reading and LONG LIVE SILVER!!!!

-Love Chris

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