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Who, What, Wear Wednesday came and went! To try and salvage my missed wednesday post I thought I would share the link to my Style Pinterest board!  This is a great way to see what kinds of things I love and the styles I am most drawn to.

Like if you see any you love and please share your boards with me! I love me some pinterest 😉

Christine’s Style Love

Happy Pinning 🙂



For all the Brides! Desiree Hartsock and Maggie Sottero.

The past few days I was away on a business adventure.  For those that don’t know I am a bridal consultant and work in a small boutique bridal store called Runway Bridal.  This past weekend was the Bridal Market in Chicago which was a chance for all the designers to get together and show us all their new fall designs (More posts on this to come :)).  One of my highlights for the weekend was meeting Desiree Hartsock Siegfried (My personal bachelorette favourite).  She is no longer a bachelorette as she is  now married- YAY!! CONGRATS DESIREE and Chris!!

Desiree has recently teamed up with Maggie Sottero and designed a collection of bridal gowns that are beyond amazing!  My personal favourite being Zarina;Desiree Hartsock with Maggie Sottero®

photo credit;

This dress was recreated to look like her beautiful reception gown.  Go to Maggie Sottero and take a look at all of her dresses she designed.  All six dresses are beyond gorgeous in my opinion!  Not only has she done a great job but in person she is sweet and genuine!  If you are a bride and love any of her dresses find a store near you that carries Maggie Sottero! They are beautiful dresses that will not break your budget.

Because I just adore her, don’t forget to follow her on Instagram and check out all of her new designs! (including a bridal Jewellery line)

Thanks for reading and if you are a bride or future one, let me know if what you think and if you would like to see more bride focussed posts!

love you all,


ps.  This is us at the Chicago Market 🙂 🙂 🙂


Hot Buns

sockbun sockbun2

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last year, you probably have heard of a top knot, sock bun, or bun. If not here are a couple pictures to acquaint you with the look.

Have you ever tried doing a top knot or sock bun on your own? Its hard. Even if you get a foam wrap or something to help, it’s still hard! You need 1,000 bobby pins, hair falls all over the place, and it never stays exactly where you want it. That was real life for me, that is until I met hot buns!! I can’t take credit for this find. A friend/co-worker introduced it to me and I immediately fell in love. She walked into work wearing it in her hair and sold me and another co-worker on it instantaneously. The best thing is that it can be found at either Target or Walgreens and is super cheap! $5 at Target or $10 at Walgreens.

I  now love wearing a bun to work or out at night. A few months ago I even wore my hair in a bun to a wedding and got tons of compliments. My hair is a little longer than shoulder length and has several shoter layers and hot buns still does the trick! I can make the bun loose for a day look or tight and high for an evening look. Here are two examples.

top bun day look

top bun day look



top bun night look

top bun night look







Try it and tell me what you think!

❤ Jaclyn

Oh also, here is a video to show you how easy hot buns is to use

Madison Tech Bag! 

Hi all! It’s fashion Wednesday and I thought I would give a quick review on my new bag by Stella & dot.  If you missed my last post on this great accessory company check it out here.

Stella & dot has some great jewellery but they also have great bags! I decided to go with the Madison Tech bag; IMG_0478

I LOVE this bag.  Yes its meant for all my tech gadgets like laptops and iPads, but I never actually carry those things around so I use it for an everyday bag.  This bag is pretty large (think brief case) and has side zipper panels that can make it even bigger!  Its extremely durable and structured which in my opinion makes it great for easily grabbing things like your wallet.  Its made of textured vegan leather material (YAAY)!! It’s interior is even made of spill resistant material which makes it great for all those beauty lovers like me (for when our lipstick lids fall off it can be easily cleaned).   It has shorter handles that are attached to the bag but also come with a long adjustable strap.  Its sells on the website for 168$ which can seem a little pricey at first but its a fraction of the price compared to some designer bags!

Over all this is a fabulous every day bag!  Great for carrying around your laptop or giant makeup bag.  So far mine is pretty clean (just got it two days ago) but I am working on filling it up 😉 100 more lipsticks, hand creams and tweezers to go!

Let me know what you think about this bag if you have one.  Also, there is another cute colour available called Poppy! Great for the spring and summer 🙂 Both the colours available are shown below (Poppy and Black/Cream (found on

Hope everyone has a fabolous wednesday! Let me know what bags you are loving right now 🙂


Pantone Color For Spring

As you may remember Christine posted a fantastic article on Pantone’s color for fall called: Mars-what? Pantone Colour of the year. She did a great job telling us who Pantone is, why they are able to announce the color of the year, and how to wear said color. Please go and read it to refresh your memory or to learn something new!

Although Pantone announces a color of the year, they don’t stop there. They also announce a color of the season! Since fall is behind us and winter is slooooowly coming to a close, we thought it was important to introduce you to the next color, or in this case, set of colors to be on the lookout for. Dont’ fret marsala is still represented…

pantoneAs you can see, almost every color of the rainbow is represented here. However there is one similarity in all the colors. Pantone said it best when they wrote, “This season there is a move toward the cooler and softer side of the color spectrum. An eclectic, ethereal mix of understated brights, pale pastels and nature-like neutrals take center stage as designers draw from daydreams of simpler times. Remembrances of retro delights, folkloric and floral art, and the magical worlds of tropical landscapes restore a sense of well-being as we head into warmer months.”

Wow that sentence itself made me relax. The thought is this… while our culture moves from the perceived sexiness of constantly being “on the go” to actually appreciating the times where we can be unplugged, in a quiet space basking in the beauty of nature, our clothes will be representing that that movement as well!

So while you start to think about your Spring wardrobe and as our stores are transitioning from winter to spring clothes, take a look at these colors and think about the new pieces you want to include in your closet. And remember Christine’s simple tip: if your budget won’t let you buy a new look every season, grab a nail polish and display your stylish self on your fingers!

For more fashion tips on how to include these colors in your closet, wedding, home, and more visit this link on Pinterest!

Happy hunting!

❤ Jaclyn

Tom’s- Surprise, these shoes are really cute!

We all love Tom’s right? I mean who wouldn’t? You buy a shoe and they give a shoe!  They are comfy, cute and have tons of options! Here is the classic Tom that we have all come to love;BLACKWOVENDIAMONDWOMENCLASSIC-10004916-S-218x153_RetouchTom’s has come a long way since they first started creating shoes and today they are one of my favourite brands for cute shoes!  There are 3 styles I particularly love.  I currently own one style and let me tell you, these shoes are crazy comfy.  I can wear them all day at work (Bridal Boutique) with no issues at all.  They are cute and extremely durable.  I picked these three styles for you because I thought they covered all seasons and could be interchanged seasonly (except for the summer shoes of course).

There are 3 styles shown here with a few different colour options.  The Desert Wedge, the Desert Wedge High, and the new Majorca Peep Toe.  I love all the colour options they offer for each style.  I currently own the Desert Wedge in a Cheeta print.  I love that I can count on these shoes not only to be stylish and cute but also comfortable.  They range in price but be prepared to spend around a 100$.  Don’t forget that they are still toms and when you buy a pair, you also give a pair 🙂

Check out for all the styles and colours they have!

Let me know if you own any of these styles and what you think! I can’t wait to get my hands on those peep toes!!!!


Spring Awakening

With each changing of season I try to go through my clothes and evaluate what I’ve worn, what I haven’t worn, and what is worn out. I do this so I can either toss or donate my clothes.

Honestly though I’ve always struggled with being able to get rid of clothes. The thought of, “what if I want it one day” continues to holds me back. But then the item in question sits on the hanger or in my drawer and the fills the space for new and better pieces. Or worse, my closet gets so jammed up that I can’t see the great items that I DO have to wear.

Here were my thoughts when evaluating my closet:

  • I have 20 pairs of jeans in my closet but I only wear five of them. I don’t give them away because what if I have to go horseback riding and I need a pair of grungy jeans?
  • I have four pairs of tennis shoes but don’t want throw the old ones away because I may need them for gardening.
  • I have too many t-shirts but I don’t want to get rid of them because of the sentimental thoughts that go along with them.

But here’s the truth:

  • I haven’t gone horseback riding for over 10 years
  • I only wear one pair of shoes to the gym
  • I have a brown thumb
  • Even if I throw away a t-shirt I’m not throwing the memory away!

Get a FREAKING grip Jaclyn!!

Seriously these were my thoughts and therefore would eliminate a few pieces from my closet each season, but really not enough to help at all.

UNTIL I saw this: (drum roll)

Photo credit:

Photo credit:

This changed my life. I’m not even exaggerating. It changed my life.

This past fall I went through my closet and with each article of clothing asked myself that question. I ended up giving away 3 trash bags full of clothing and one of shoes! It was a win-win. I got more room in my closet, I donated good clothes that someone else may want, and the donation was tax deductible. **side note don’t forget to ask for a donation receipt whenever you donate something to a thrift store. 

So as spring approaches and you start to switch your closet from cold to warm, ask yourself the above question and it just may change your life.

❤ Jaclyn