My Top Pick! Purity by Philosophy

I have talked about face cleansers before, because lets get real… they are important and I am obsessed.  I use a few different cleansers on a daily basis and since I have already shared my pick for a balm-to-oil cleanser I thought I would share another 🙂

I started using this cleanser because of a recommendation made by my favourite makeup artist Jaclyn Hill.  If you have no idea who she is than you need to! Check out her youtube channel and join the club…she is amaze-balls.  Anyways she recommended this product;s407304-main-hero-300I know this cleanser has a lot of hype but I wanted to give a personal review.  I love this cleanser by Philosophy for a few reasons!

A) It cleans all my makeup off with out drying my skin and does not irritate or cause break outs.

B)I have combination skin leaning on the dry side and this cleanser helps keep my skin balanced and clear.

C) It leaves my skin soft and hydrated (say goodbye to tight skin).

It is so important to me to have a good cleanser that I can trust and actually enjoy using.  I wouldn’t want to be with out this cleanser even though I may not use it every single day.  Its now a staple in my skin care routine and I encourage everyone to try it!

Let me know if you have tried this cleanser and what you think!




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