Tip of the day- Facial Massage!

Has anyone out there gotten a facial? Sadly I have not.  Not because I don’t want one, but just because I have never felt like I had the disposable cash to spend on someone massaging my face.  However, after working in the skin care world I have realized how important facials (facial massages) are.

Sticking with the theme of not being able to afford an actual facial I thought I would give you a little help on how to give your self an ‘At home facial’.  In my skin care journey I have come across a lot of fabulous people on youtube, instagram and blogs just like this!  One of these amazing people is Lisa Eldridge.  Lisa is a fabulous and famous makeup artist!  I have watched a ton of her videos and they are all so helpful and informative.  Lisa recommends facial massage as an important part of your skin care routine (apparently her Mother has been doing if for years and she looks fab!).  Luckily Lisa created a video explaining how to do a full facial massage for your self right at home!

If you have been following our blog you would have seen a product I wrote about on Monday (its a balm-to-oil cleanser) and it works beautifully for these at home massages. I have also used coconut oil and it works well. Lisa explains the importance of the massages in her video but I did want to add that she is right! These facial massages do make a difference in the over all appearance of your skin and over time can keep years off your face! I have added the video below so everyone can try this out for them selves at home!

Let me know what you think and if you have any good tips for facial massages!

Love you all!


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