Balm-to-oil, why I am in love!

Happy Monday everyone! So I have fallen for a new product, and let me warn you…you will want to buy this, I promise!

Does anyone else have a love-hate relationship with their face cleansers? I do. Cleansing your face is at the top of the list of important things we MUST do (especially at night) and the cleanser has to be just right to make you want to use it each and every evening! It’s needs to clean with irritating or drying out my skin. It can’t sting my eyes and I want to feel refreshed after I have used it! I want it to take off all my makeup including my mascara and I don’t want to double wash.

I already have a few cleansers that fit my needs but I was running low and was in the market for a newbie. I went to my local drug store and happened upon a balm-to-oil cleanser. This specific one I purchased is by Biotherm;


This is a balm texture (almost like a really soft lip chap) and it basically melts into your skin turning into a soft oil. Most of us know how well other oils (like olive oil) work as makeup removers and this also does the trick in that department. You apply this on your dry face and massage it into your skin. Instantly you can feel your skin soften and your makeup starts to disappear. Take a few minutes to massage this into your face and then wash off with water. I use it on my eyes and lips too!

Do you know that tight feeling we sometimes get after washing our face? Well that’s bad! It means you have stripped all of your essential oils out of your skin. This products leaves your skin soft and hydrated keeping all the good you want and removing all the bad you don’t want.

This cleanser is at the top of my most loved products! If you don’t know where to find Biotherm try another balm cleanser and feel the benefits for your self. This cleanser is great for all skin types and will be a super star in your skin care routine!

Let me know if you guys have tried any balm cleansers and what you think!

Thanks and love to everyone,


6 thoughts on “Balm-to-oil, why I am in love!

    • Chris says:

      I’m so sorry! Honestly you could use both if you like! CeraVe is a great cleanser! But to get all that makeup off or if you are feeling a little dry use the Biotherm 🙂 I interchange my cleansers all the time 🙂


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