Ocean Salt Scrub by Lush

For Top Pick Tuesday I decided to continue on with my exfoliation theme!  In the quest to have smooth, glowing and soft skin we continue on with another favourite for body care.  Unlike our D.I.Y Coffee Scrub we actually have to spend money on this product but I can truly say it is worth ever penny!  9999902128

This Ocean Salt face and body scrub by Lush is an absolute favourite of mine!  I use this mostly for my body but occasionally use it on my face.  This scrub effectively clears all my dead skin with out irritating.  If you struggle with body acne at all this is a great product to use as it will clean out blocked pores, blackheads and blemishes.  I use this scrub about twice a week.  If you have sensitive skin and you find the scrub a bit coarse, just add some water to it while its in your hand.  Mix it around a little and then apply to your body.  This will help those salt particles dissolve a little before you set them to work on your skin.

This is another great good-for-you product that actually does work!  The cost ranges from 20$ to 35$ depending on the size you purchase.   Just one more step for exfoliating and a giant leap for gorgeous skin!

Let me know what you think about this scrub if you have already tried it! Thanks!



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