Pinterest Fail…or was it?

Top Pick Tuesday! Bare with me as I get to my point…

My mom celebrated a birthday the other weekend. One of her good friends decided to throw her a birthday party and I offered to bring something to contribute. I was given the task of making an appetizer for 14 of my mom’s friends who are also foodies. (Greeeeaaaat…I immediately regret my decision)

I searched through a few of my pinterest boards and settled on a hot caprese dip. “This is perfect” I thought! It incorporates hot cheese, basil, and fresh delicious tomatoes…some of my mom’s favorite foods and flavors. As a bonus I decided to make a balsamic syrup and would pick up fresh baguettes from a local bakery. Totally easy…or so I thought… Here is a picture of what the dip was supposed to look like. caprese dip I wish I captured a picture of what it ACTUALLY looked like. Instead I’ll just run through some of fails of that day:

1) The balsamic syrup never quite reduced to a syrup. Instead it was just a sweet balsamic vinegar

2) The “fresh and delicious” tomatoes made the dip so watery I poured 3 cups of water down the drain 20 minutes into baking.

3) The quick dip that should have taken 15 minutes to bake took 45. Think hungry people standing around.

4) The mozzarella cheese was so stringy that you needed a fork, spoon, and your friendly neighbor (not even kidding) to dish it onto your bread.

The only thing, and I mean ONLY thing that actually worked were the baguettes…that. i. bought. awesome.

BUUUTT the silver lining in the story is my top pick of the week. 

I purchased 3 packages of fresh basil and ended up only using 1. What to do with the rest? I remembered reading about a tip on of how you can freeze fresh herbs in olive oil and store them for future use. Guess what guys…it works!!! I chopped the basil, put them in an ice cube tray, filled the tray with olive oil and stuck it in the freezer. I used my first cube last night to make a curry dish and it worked fantastically! Now I have fresh basil to use while I’m cooking and I couldn’t be happier. I am so doing this in the spring and summer when I have my herb garden. Here is a picture to show you what it looks like from start to finish.

It’s so easy and rewarding. I encourage you all to try it!

❤ Jaclyn


2 thoughts on “Pinterest Fail…or was it?

  1. Laissez Faire says:

    What a wonderful idea for the herbs. Too bad our freezer is the size of a shoebox. Those Pinterest picture are more often than not are not telling the whole story. But it does make for a funny story to tell. Hah!


    • Jac says:

      So true about pinterest! If you can find room in your freezer I encourage you to try! I froze them and then put them in a plastic baggie for future use. 🙂


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