Stella & Dot

FullSizeRenderAs promised today’s Who, What, Wear is about Stella & Dot. To tell everyone the truth, I am not really a jewellery girl. Its not that I don’t like it or even love it. I just have not found my jewellery niche…until now. If you don’t know what Stella & Dot is, its an accessory line sold by independent stylists. And let me tell you, it is CUTE! Like I mean, really cute. They have a wide variety of accessories from chunky statement pieces to sleek simple items. Anyone looking to find their ‘Jewellery style’ is going to delight in the fact that Stella & Dot has it all. Even more exciting, you can shop from the comfort of your home! No running around to different stores looking for something cute to match your new outfit- Its all in a perfectly beautiful magazine (also known as a catalogue). I love this because I can take my time to really look at what items I want. If you don’t have a catalogue from an independent stylist than check out their website here (and no, I do not sell Stella & Dot, I just like it this much). So here is where you guys come in.  I need help deciding what to pick!  I have settled on the Sutton necklace which is a gorgeous necklace that you can wear 5 different ways (another reason why Stella & Dot is amaze-balls).  They have five different options;

These necklaces can be worn short, long, and also broken apart to wear single parts.  If it was not already heard enough to pick which necklace to choose now I have to choose a colour scheme!  These retail from 138$ to 188$ (Canadian Dollars).  At first it seemed like a lot of money, but when I think if I can wear this necklace 5 different ways, than it is 28$ per necklace which is totally affordable!  I honestly can’t get enough of this brand and am so happy I found it! Leave comments below and tell me which necklace you think I should pick, and what you guys think about Stella & Dot!  Have a wonderful Wednesday and get accessorizing 🙂 -Love Chris
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