Duchess Kate

Welcome back to Top Pick Tuesday. I hope you enjoy my top pick of the week!

kate middleton

We all know and adore Kate Middleton, also referred to as Katherine Duchess of Cambridge. I’ve watched her and studied her beauty and grace and have settled on this, she is just remarkable! She carries herself so well, she is always dressed so classy, and to make it even better, she is usually adorned in something incredibly affordable. And no, I’m not talking about affordable for a Duchess, I’m talking about affordable for most people. She is often photographed wearing items that can be found off the rack. It’s incredible to me how someone who has access to money, designers, and can wear one of a kind items every day, chooses to go shopping for high street fashion. Check out this website for some of Kate’s affordable looks.

A great example of her behavior occurred this week, and is therefore my top pick of the week.

Kate was photographed at a charity event on Friday in a pair of gold dangly earrings priced at $45.oo. After seeing these earrings, fans went online to purchase the same earrings and the jewelers website crashed. Everything that she had in stock was sold and there is now a 3 week waiting list. This jeweler is beyond ecstatic. I’m beyond ecstatic and it has nothing to do with the earrings or that they are only $45.00 (ok maybe a little bit). I’m ecstatic mainly because these earring, the same ones that Kate Middleton is wearing the same ones that have a three week waiting list, were made by a family in a small village in Indonesia. Yes…that’s correct!! Now aunts, uncles, and cousins are rallying together to fulfill the current and future orders of these earrings.

This story is incredible to me. A woman who could use her royal position and  popularity to get anything she wants, is buying a pair of earrings made by a family in a small village in Indonesia. She chose to shop in a jewelry store that has fair trade, handmade items. This is a beautiful example of a star using her position for good.

She may never wear the earrings again, she may never think twice about the good she has done for this family (judging on past behavior though I bet she will). But I’m positive this family in Indonesia will think of her for years to come.

– ❤ Jaclyn



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