A surprise that will last a lifetime…

Fun Friday! Where every post will be about something different! No plans, no themes. We may even have a guest blogger or two. Enjoy!

Adam Levine. Enough said right? I think the day he got married was the day (if you listened very closely) you could hear every single lady around the world crying. We just love him! He’s cute, has a killer voice, and super nice; as seen on The Voice. But this video quite possibly makes me love him more. What would you do if he crashed your wedding or a wedding you were a part of? I would probably act just like every single person in this video does. A little confused at first, then angry, then total shock, and then.. EXTREME happiness. Whoever thought of this video concept is a genius! Bravo Maroon 5, Braaaaavoooooo.

My favorite thing is the fact that almost every bride recognizes him instantly but it takes the groom just a bit longer.  What’s your favorite part?!

Maroon 5 -Sugar music video

maroon5– Jaclyn

Thank you dailymail.co.uk for the picture of these cuties


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