It’s here! TOP Pick Tuesday!

Every Tuesday Chris or I will be posting our top pick of the week. The one thing that we are loving…actually obsessing over. It may be a product, a fashion tip, a quote, a DIY project, a yummy recipe, whatever.  I can’t promise that it will be something that you obsess over, but I can promise that whatever we post will be something we actually love. Something we have used, made, cooked, researched, or done ourselves. Happy Tuesday and enjoy my top pick!


If this eCard didn’t make you laugh, you either don’t have sense of humor or you haven’t turned 30.

Something happens when you turn 30. The best way I can explain it is by saying your body kind of rebels against you. Nothing is quite the same. Your workout makes you a little more sore, that extra glass of wine haunts you the next day, that extra cookie haunts you the next…forever!

I’ve always been the type of person that said fashion > comfort. “Buy those shoes! Who cares that you can only walk short distances in them! Buy that dress! Who cares that you have to stand the entire time you have it on. Girl its WORTH IT!”

But then you turn 30 and you realize that if you can have fashion AND comfort, it’s a win, win. Let me preface my pick by saying that I work for a nonprofit organization. This means that I have a job where I work long hours, am on my feet a lot, and being comfortable is a high priority. But, at the same time I enjoy being fashionable and wearing cute shoes. I introduce to you Dr Scholl’s shoe inserts. Yes, I said it. Dr Scholl’s insert. They are amazing! You can put them in any shoe, flats, boots, heels, wedges, and you can walk for daaays! Try them – I dare you. No one knows and your feet will thank you. Below is a picture of the ones I have. I bought them last weekend, put them in my ballet flats and now want to buy a pair for all of my shoes. They feel like you are walking on a squishy cloud.

ForHer_ComfortInsoles_large_tcm67-48469I hope you purchase them, use them, and love them as much as me!



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