WOW! You can do that with coconut oil?!…the beauty behind the movement.

coconut oilCoconut Oil. We’ve all heard about it, seen it in stores, heard there are multiple ways to use it, maybe you’ve even used it your self. But really…how much do we know about this semi-hard, white, creamy looking glob of questionable material?

I was hanging out with a group of friends last night and the topic of coconut oil came up. A few people chimed in with words of wisdom of how to use it, but the others just listened. This topic of conversation peaked my interest. Why has coconut oil become the vogue subject of the year, why is it now being sold in EVERY grocery store you go to, why do a majority of my friends have a jar in their pantry but can’t contribute more to the conversation than, “I use it to make scrambled eggs”? So I said to myself, “self, let’s do a little research and find out what this spliff is all about”. Well truth be told a little research turned into a lot of research and here are the results…

For starters coconut oil is an edible oil that has been extracted from the meat of a coconut.  It is 92% saturated fat making it solid and cholesterol free. Virgin, or unrefined coconut oil (meaning it hasn’t been put through a process using high temperatures and chemicals) contains antioxidants.  It contains no trans fats and can be heated at high temperatures making it harmless to use while cooking and baking. Multiple famous and not so famous individuals, websites and blogs recommend the use of coconut oil. Some even claim to have 101 uses for it.

Awesome…but seriously…telling me that you can cook, clean, cleanse, pull, heal, groom, brush, condition, and “so much more” with coconut oil doesn’t do the trick. But guess what did? This chart. BeautyAndGrooming_4 HealthAndWellness_3 HomeAndLifestyle_3 Pets_5After too much time researching coconut oil, I came across this very simple but so informative chart and it clicked. WOW! You can do that with coconut oil?! After my shock and awe wore off I asked myself; Am I going to cook/bake/saute all of my food using coconut oil? No. But will I throw a tablespoon in melted chocolate next time I make chocolate fondue? Absolutely yes. Will I use coconut oil to make toothpaste and then brush my teeth? No! But will I use it instead of lotion in the winter? Uuhh duuuuuh. Will I use coconut oil as deodorant? No thank you, I actually like having friends. But will I use it to help soothe my skin next time I get a burn? Ya! I can feel it cooling me down now!

So here’s the deal I could write and write about coconut oil. I’ve read enough to do so. But I’m not naive enough to think you’ll continue reading this post much longer. I also am not naive enough to think that the small amount of information I have presented will convince you to throw away your butter and olive oil products and only use coconut oil from here on out. However, this is what I do hope. I hope that you see some benefit of coconut oil. I hope that benefit and versatility convinces you to buy a jar the next time you are at the grocery store. And if you aren’t willing to buy a new jar, maybe just go pop the top off the one that is collecting dust in your pantry and see what cool things you can get yourself into.



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